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Tianhua Philosophy

Yinyang fundamentally law

Yinyang material and compound material theory
Existence theory
The character of Yin yang material
Two basic method of Yin yang translation
The difference between Yin yang oppose-consolidate and yin yang interdependency
Yinyang law is the basic law

Five-character generation restrain convertibility

Heaven people syncretism law
Intermediate succeed and extremist lost law
Cause result law
Space self-adjustment law
Qualitative quantity inter-convert law
Chrysalides movement vortex law

Tianhua life science

Yin yang material theory
The beginning of the life and development
Life gyration
Revolve polarity sign
Human ex-function theory

Concept of Human exceptional function
Functional type level and principal
The main approach method to achieve Human exceptional function
The main tache the achieve human exceptional function
The hiding positions in human body for human exceptioonal function
How the improve human exceptional function
The method to explain human exceptional function
Eight type of super high human exceptional function people

Tianhua doctor

Contents and concept
The difference between west doctor and Chinese doctor
The beginning of the Tianhua doctor and future
The theory of Tianhua doctor

Anything could get sick
Anything could get treatment
All dependent on the changing of time and space
There is no fixed method
The treat method dependent on difference cause

Tianhua arts

Dance and draw

Tianhua education

Tianhua education general practice
Tianhua special education

Tianhua Business

Talent people

Tianhua Propriety

The reflection of Tianhua Philosophy and morality

Tianhua Qigong (Zhonggong)

Frist-step Qigong of senior maneuvers zhonghua life preservation and mentality promotion Qigong

Mothod of "YuanDun"