Frist-step Qigong of senior maneuvers zhonghua life preservation and mentality promotion Qigong (Zhonggong for short)

Contents of Table

Chapter 1 Extracts of Zhonggong System Enlingtenment Education

Part 1 Six golden keys

Section 1 Theory of mind will force and dialectics of mind and material

Section 2 Theory of qi sensation types

Section 3 Theory of control types

Section 4 Theory off unction types and levels

Section 5 Theory of biological instrument

Section 6 Theory of biological holoenergy

Part 2 Four Knack's

Section 1 Eight elements of success

Section 2 Five links of shortcuts

Section 3 State of receiving gong

Section 4 Method of taking a maneuver apart to practice

Chapter 2 Main of First steps Zhonggong--Quick Methods of Small Heavenly Circuit

Section 1 General introduction to Heavenly Circuit Qigong

Section 2 The differences between the quick methods of Small Heavenly and the traditional Heavenly Circuit Qigong

Section 3 Quick methods of Small Heavenly Circuit Qigong (4 methods)

Chapter 3 Life Qigong Training --Nine Wonderful Initial Approaches

Section 1 Method of standing stump with sword fingers for life preservation

Section 2 Method of pupa like movement and filling qi

Section 3 Trembling Qigong

Section 4 Method of holding up palms and pushing qi with the sound "m"

Section 5 Walking Qigong

Section 6 Running Qigong

Section 7 Sleeping Qigong

Section 8 Lifting kidney Qigong

Section 9 Auxiliary Qigong of opening small Heavenly Circuit

Chapter 4 nature Qigong Cultivating

Part 1 Methods of diagnosing diseases with exceptional functions in common use

Section 1 Function of detecting diseases by hand sensing

Section 2 Function of seeing aura

Section 3 function of seeing with heavenly eye

Part 2 A complex of basic methods of treating diseases with Qigong Six therapies of kylin presenting its power

Section 1 Therapy of catching out pathogenic qi with god's fingers

Section 2 Therapy of treating diseases with magic palms

Section 3 Therapy of bringing back life with Buddha's hands

Section 4 Therapy of praying master for help

Section 5 Therapy of treating muddled diseases by muddled doctor

Section 6 Therapy of removing diseases without treatment