Brief Introduction of Mr. Zhang Hongbao


Mr. Zhang Hongbao was born on Jan. 5th, 1954, at Harbin city of Heilongjiang Province, China.

Mr. Zhang Hongbao once held the positions of president and professor at Chongqing International Life Science and Technology University and the University of Chinese Traditional Culture; president and researcher of International Academy of Life Science; senior consultant of academic communities of Qinghua University and Beijing University -- China’s best institutes of higher education; senior consultant of academic units of Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Central Party Academy of Chinese Communist Party; director of the Union of Qigong Communities of Chinese Intellectual Circles. Mr. Zhang Hongbao has been a successful educator.

Mr. Zhang Hongbao created several highly specialized Qi Gong practices, such as Chinese Health-care and Intelligence-promoting Qi Gong (abbreviated as zhonggong), Yuandun Great Rule, Mystiques in Meditation, etc. He also put these practices into books and taught 38 million students. He edited and financed Qigong Studies Series (18 volumes), the only publication for college-level Qi Gong concentration textbooks in China. He is hired as the primary advisor for International Qi Gong Scientific Studies; he compiled big volume series “Chinese Specialty Medicine Cases” (over 2,000,000 characters in 6 volumes); he wrote “A Hundred Specialty Medicine Cases”; he created “Tianhua Philosophy”, came up with the Eight Grand Laws of the Universe and created “Hongbao Diagram of Universal Principles”; he created Gong Dance and Gong Painting Art and wrote specialized books on them. Mr. Zhang Hongbao also compiled “Complete Collection of Chinese Qi Gong Marketing Rules” and “Managerial Rules in Chinese Health-care Industry” (approximately 2,000,000 characters); he contributed greatly and uniquely to the theories of Life Science by giving academic speeches on “Universal Rules and Life Science” (6 VCDs); he organized and creatively compiled health-care Gong music (about 10 cassettes). Mr. Zhang is the founder of Tianhua Culture. Mr. Zhang is a prolific scholar, philosopher, intellectual, and a Qi Gong Master that is universally acknowledged.

Mr. Zhang Hongbao founded the life-cultivation enterprise in China. His Tianhua (Kylin) Incorporation Group had 120,000 employees, 30 life-cultivation bases, nearly 100,000 subsidiary branches, directly supporting 400,000 people. Mr. Zhang Hongbao is a successful entrepreneur.

“The Eight Virtues and Eight Ideals” (see main-page) promoted by Mr. Zhang Hongbao have been extolled by various strata of the Chinese society as the model of the social ethics for the Chinese people in the twenty-first century. In China, Mr. Zhang Hongbao commands the esteem and support of millions of people. Mr. Zhang Hongbao is a spiritual leader with strict self-discipline and unquestionable moral integrity who commands people’s respect.

Mr. Zhang Hongbao has been regarded as the biggest potential rival of Jiang Zemin and his CCP regime and therefore, he has been constantly persecuted severely since the ‘90s.