1.What is Qigong?

Qigong (AKA, chigong, Chi Kung) Qi means air or energy, Gong means long term practice to achieve ability and skills. Qigong is a practice involving movement, meditation and regulated breathing which is designed to be therapeutic. In its origin, Qigong is a part of course in Tao and budish. it is a skill to get "Enlightenment". in the meanwhile, people found out that those people get a health body and a longer life. in around year 1985, Qigong come out from Temple. Various forms of traditional qigong are widely taught . Tianhua Qigong was designed for modern people that we are busy, we are stressed, and we do not have time to do exercise. It generated from all the best excise method of Budish, Tao, medication, martial arts. Using system engineering designed. It use methods of giving, carrying, passing Gong in a group Qigong practice field to achieve a fast result. People with long term sickness are welcome.

2. Can I learn Qigong?

Yes, everyone can learn Qigong. but people has mintal problem.

3. is Qigong harmful to the body?

Tianhua Qigong is safe and it has been proved by more then 38,000,000 people.

4. what will be the benefit of learning Chi kung?

Weight control, reduces stress, heal energy, and recover from sickness. etc.
People with long term of sickness are welcome.

5. what is the fee?

the Qigong that we are teaching are priceless, for now, it is free!
we do accept donation!